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Kinesiology Malvern – How It Can Help You In Your Daily Life

kinesiology Malvern is quickly gaining popularity as a powerful but gentle, holistic therapy that can be used begin a wide range of situations and for a wide range of purposes. A visit to a kinesiologist may be precisely what you need if you want to check out your allergies, get some stress relief, or sort out health problems without the use of drugs. You may also encounter kinesiology when your chiropractor determines the best area to manipulate or when your aromatherapist determines the best oils to use for your message.

Muscle Treatment

A muscle is gently pressed in kinesiology Glen Iris, and the response is monitored. The typical muscle reaction is to lock. It is possible to effectively isolate an individual muscle (often an arm muscle) and test its response to pressure by placing a limb in a specific position. If the muscle gives way or becomes spongy, this indicates an energy disruption in the meridian system.

Meridian System

The meridian system is an essential but unnoticed factor in health. It is in charge of delivering life force to all tissues in the body. If this is disrupted in any way, illness is likely to occur. As a result, the muscle response can provide vital information about energy disturbances within the body. A stressful thought will also cause an unlocked response from a nearby muscle. If the muscle unlocks after a verbal question, it indicates a NO answer: an “other than conscious” or “body wisdom” response.

kinesiology Glen Iris

Kinesiology Different Types

Kinesiology is divided into several branches (e.g. health kinesiology, applied kinesiology, educational kinesiology, classical kinesiology, etc.). All of them make use of basic muscle-testing techniques. Each kinesiology reflects the interests and personality of its creator. For example, applied kinesiology focuses on correcting structural issues rooted in chiropractic. With an interest in nutrition and electromagnetic pollution, a psychologist created health kinesiology.

Some branches of kinesiology reject verbal muscle testing in favor of a system of reflex points and finger modes. Techniques from kinesiology have also been incorporated into other therapies. Homeopaths, Bowen practitioners, chiropractors, and aromatherapists, for example, may use muscle testing to confirm their decision about the best course of action.

Regular Kinesiology Consultation

A regular kinesiology consultation begins with the practitioner taking a case history, then the client lying (fully clothed) on a couch. The practitioner will use gentle pressure to test one or more muscles. The practitioner will then stimulate or numb various acupuncture points depending on the response.

There are no needles used, but the issues can be re-balanced using multiple techniques depending on the branch of kinesiology. Homeopathic remedies, magnets, crystals, and other objects are sometimes placed on the body. Many kinesiologists recommend nutritional supplements, flower remedies, exercise plans, and lifestyle changes.

Where To Get The Kinesiology Best Treatment?

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