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Victron 12v Inverter With 1200w Capacity

An inverter is a higher-quality version of the modified sine wave. It provides more power and lasts longer than its less expensive counterpart, but there are also several advantages to using it beyond convenience. You can improve your life with the 12v inverter, and it will help you save money on energy costs. You should choose a sine wave because they are more efficient and have less noise than modified waves. So, they can produce more power with a smaller footprint, which makes them ideal for portable generators.

Provides Accurate Output Voltage

An inverter with a pure sine wave output is also more accurate than its modified counterpart. It can accurately deliver the exact amount of power needed to run your appliances without wasting any energy or creating issues with them.

12v inverterThere are many differences between inverters, but this is one of those aspects where they shine. The simple reason is that pure sine wave generators work more efficiently and effectively. They’re able to produce less heat than other types of generators, which means it’s easier for them to maintain their operation over time without breaking down as often.

12-Volt Pure Sine Wave Inverter Reduces Voltage Distortions To Less Than 3% THD

A harmonic waveform is a waveform that contains multiple frequencies of the fundamental frequency. Occurs when nonlinear loads draw current from an AC power source, such as a pure sine wave inverter, at different points in time.

By reducing voltage distortions to less than 3% THD, you can improve the performance of your electronic equipment. Inverters operating at a high-efficiency level can also operate for longer periods without overheating, reducing motor noise.

In addition to these advantages, inverter technology helps protect the inverter from damage due to low battery voltage. By restoring the power by automatically sensing when the voltage is too low and shutting down afterwards.

Load Capacity

The load capacity is the amount of power that an inverter can deliver at once. The higher the capacity, the more power it can produce and handle. Therefore, if you need to run a large appliance like an air conditioner or refrigerator with your inverter, the 12-volt one will provide you with a high continuous rating.


The inverter is more efficient than the modified sine wave because it does not have a harmonic distortion, which makes it less efficient.

The modified sine wave has a harmonic distortion that wastes power as heat and light. The modified sine wave will not be able to run as many appliances at once as this inverter would be able to run them with an equal amount of power because they are more efficient.

The Inverter Pure Sine Wave Outputs A Perfectly Sinusoidal Waveform.

The output voltage of the inverter pure sine wave is perfectly sinusoidal and free from distortion, noise and harmonics. You can be sure that your appliances will work as expected in terms of speed, performance and durability.

It is compatible with inductive loads. Inductive loads include motors and solenoids incompatible with modified square wave inverters.

Modified square wave inverters can cause damage to inductive loads by causing spikes in voltage that can potentially destroy them. On the other hand, our 12-volt inverter does not have this problem because it emits a smooth power frequency with no peaks or valleys.

You Can Use Them For Communication And Electronic Equipment.

Communication equipment and electronic equipment use our 12-volt inverter. The inverter’s frequency, voltage level and distortion are higher than that of a modified sine wave inverter. Because of this, you can use our inverter to power sensitive devices such as computers, servers and other communication devices.

It is also used to power medical equipment because it does not interfere with any of the sensitive electronics in the equipment. It’s clean and stable, so there’s no interference from fluctuations in the power supply’s frequency or voltage level.

Directly Connect The Inverter To The Grid Without Any Damage.

Connect the inverter directly to the grid without damaging it and the inverter itself. It is because it has a sinusoidal waveform, which means that it is a clean surge, clean power, pure power and so on.

Because these types of generators are so efficient at producing electricity from mechanical power sources like wind or water turbines. You can directly connect them to the grid without additional equipment like transformers needed first.

Victron Phoenix Inverter Improves The Performance Of Your Electronic Equipment.

The main advantage of the Victron phoenix inverter is that it provides a cleaner surge to eliminate power surges from the utility company. It also reduces voltage distortions to less than 3% THD, improves battery life and protects the inverter from damage due to low battery voltage. Our inverter has many advantages compared to modified wave one, such as:

  • Reduced Harmonic Distortion Ratio (THD)
  • Improved Battery Life and Lower Internal Resistance
  • Increased Altitude Rating

Reduces Motor Noise

Another advantage is that it reduces the amount of motor noise. You can reduce the noise level by using an inverter with a higher frequency and filters in the flow path so there are no appreciable vibrations or electromagnetic interferences. Indeed, this is why inverter pure sine waves are used for medical equipment such as MRI machines because they have high precision and zero interference.

Provides A Cleaner Surge To Eliminate Power Surges From The Utility Company

Inverter pure sine wave technology provides a cleaner surge to eliminate power surges from the utility company, which can damage electrical equipment. Making it useful for computers and other sensitive electronics that need reliable voltage levels.

Inverter pure sine wave technology also helps reduce voltage distortion and motor noise. Voltage distortion is when sudden voltage changes occurs by unstable power provided by an AC adapter or generator. The results of these fluctuations include:

1200 Watt Inverter Increases Battery Life And Protects The Inverter From Damage.

Our inverter’s technology extends the life of batteries because it regulates voltage and does not overcharge them. When you use a standard square wave, your battery can result in overcharging. Causing it to wear out faster and lose its ability to hold a charge. Our 1200 watt inverter has certain operating limits that must be respected so as not to damage your components or put yourself at risk from electrical shock!

To understand how this works, think about how you would use different types of light bulbs. A 60-watt incandescent bulb will last much longer than a 100-watt halogen bulb. However, if you were using both simultaneously, they would burn out much faster than if you used them alone. The reason is that incandescent lights operate within certain parameters. Such as those set by their manufacturers. In contrast, halogen lights operate outside those parameters but can withstand higher temperatures for a short period before burning out completely (or exploding).


The advantages of inverter with pure sine technology are worth the price. It runs more smoothly and efficiently, has a longer lifespan and is safer for your equipment. They also protect your equipment from damage due to low battery voltage or power surges from utility companies.

If you want an inverter that will last longer, feel free to reach out to Deep Cycle Systems.

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