Advantages of using victron energy bmv 712

Victron energy bmv 712

If you’re an RV or boat owner, you know how important it is to accurately measure your power. Victron energy bmv 712devices can make this much easier for you and allow you to get more accurate readings. Than other brands of inverters. Here are some of the benefits:

More accurate power data about victron vrm

  • More accurate battery voltage measurements
  • Less overloading of generator and shore power cables
  • Improved safety, for example with the victron energy bmv 712 MultiPlus inverter units: when you have a problem with one unit, you can still run the other without interruption. If both fail simultaneously. Than you have time to fix them before your batteries are depleted.
  • The ability to diagnose problems with your system, even in remote areas. Where it is difficult or impossible to find someone. Who knows what they are doing (this also means that it is easier for Victron service engineers to solve problems remotely).

Less overloading of generator and shore power cables

The Victron VrM is a sophisticated, multi-functional device that monitors the status of your generator, shore power and battery banks. It will automatically disconnect faulty loads in order to protect your generator, shore power cables and batteries from damage. This can get mean a significant reduction in maintenance costs and downtime caused by overloading the generator or shore power cable(s).

Victron energy bmv 712If you have a high-quality uninterrupted power supply (UPS) on board. The Victron Vrm can use as an automatic backup for it. In this case it will also monitor the status of all batteries connected to it. In case of heavy discharge or low voltage levels in one or several batteries. It will disconnect these before they are damaged by deep discharge cycles.

An example: if you accidentally overload your shore power cable by connecting too many appliances at once (e.g., microwave oven + fridge + washing machine). Than all three appliances would have switched off immediately when their respective safety circuit-breakers tripped because of overloading! This means no expensive repairs needed for any one component. Just resetting their breakers after switching them off at mains level using our remote control panel – saving time & money!

More accurate battery voltage measurements

In order to have an accurate voltage measurement, it’s important to understand how the Victron Vrm measures voltage. The Victron Vrm uses a digital circuit called a charge pump that can measure battery voltages up to 300V DC. The digital circuit uses an oscillator and some clever logic to keep its readings accurate. The oscillator is what makes this device so reliable; it has a frequency of up to 500 kHz (or 5 MHz). This helps prevent false readings by filtering out noise from nearby electronics and other devices on your boat or RV.

The screen will display your voltage reading whether you’re using shore power or generator power for charging your batteries. You can also see how much current is flowing into/out of your batteries via the shunt sensor in amps (amps). If you need help reading these measurements. Check out our article “Voltage Measurements” for more information!

Improved safety

Safety is important. In fact, it’s a priority. You can’t just leave safety to chance—you need to make sure you’re doing everything you possibly can to protect your crew and passengers.

That’s why we’ve put so much work into making our victron energy bmv 712 systems as safe as possible. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that they meet all of the most important safety certifications out there, including ATEX and CE. When it comes down to it though, there’s no substitute for actually using your product in an industrial setting; this is where we really earn our stripes as manufacturers of quality equipment!

We care about your well-being too—that’s why we’ve set up this program that allows customers who purchase one of our VRMs at least three years ago (and still own it) access free installation services from qualified technicians any time before 2022 when their warranty expires.

Diagnostic tools

The Victron VRM .Direct Manager is the central control unit of your system, and it provides a wide range of diagnostic tools that help you keep an eye on your entire installation in real time.

The following are some of the alarm options available:

  • Battery voltage alarm
  • Battery current alarm (available with analogue or CAN bus)
  • Battery percent full alarm (available with analogue or CAN bus)
  • Generator operating state (%) alarm (available when connected to a generator)
  • Shore power operating state (%) alarm (available when connected to shore power)

Battery temperature alarm (available with analogue or CAN bus) Charge state (%) alarm (available when connected to a generator) Charging current alarm (available when connected to a generator)

Flexible solutions to measure and display power usage in your boat or RV.

Victron energy bmv 712 Smart Energy Monitoring devices are a great way to monitor the energy usage of your boat or RV. They can also be used to measure battery voltage, generator output, shore power input or even solar power or wind power conversion. By using Victron VE. Direct devices with an inverter/charger it will give you accurate information on how much energy you have stored in your batteries and if they are fully charged. This will enable you to always know exactly how much power is available for use by monitoring the amperage throughout the day.

If you are using an inverter/charger with a victron energy bmv 712 Smart Energy Monitoring device it will also provide you with information on how much power is being used. This can be useful in determining if there is a leak in your boat or RV, or if you have any appliances that are left on all the time (like lights). By monitoring this data you will be able to see exactly where your energy usage is coming from and if there are any areas that could be improved upon.

You get more accurate readings of your power in your RV or boat.

  • Accurate power readings
  • Reduce battery overcharging
  • Increase safety and diagnostic tools
  • Flexible solutions for your boat or RV
  • Do not connect to batteries. Consult the manual before installation. Get professional installation when needed. Check your settings after installation, especially if problems occur later on in use.

Carry a manual for future reference. If you have any questions about your battery, call an expert.

You can use a battery charger to keep your battery healthy and strong. You should also carry an instruction manual with you at all times in case of emergencies. If you have any questions about your battery, call an expert.


Victron energy bmv 712 are a great option for anyone looking for a quality product that will last. They have many features that make them stand out from other brands on the market, like their accurate readings and diagnostic tools. If you want to know more about these products or want to discuss your needs with our experts. Than please contact us today!


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